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Latest news


We are extremely excited to announce that Being Human is now  Prosci.  Being Human was Prosci’s Primary Affiliate partner serving Australia and New Zealand for over 11 years.

Early in 2017, Catherine Smithson, who founded Being Human and championed the discipline of change management in Australia and New Zealand for decades, started to put in motion a plan to transition out of the business. This provided the opportunity for Prosci to discuss a potential buy out of the business with Catherine and ultimately led to Prosci’s purchase.  

As we move forward we will simply be known as Prosci.  We will continue to offer the same Prosci change management solutions you have seen in the past but will be doing so under the Prosci name. 

Being Human has a seasoned staff with a strong understanding of change management and the market, and we are pleased to announce that the entire staff will remain intact.  It will also give us the opportunity to augment the existing team with additional knowledge and expertise from our headquarters.

We would like to thank Catherine for her tireless work and vision of supporting clients in the market and wish her the best in the future. 

If you have any questions you can reach us at To read the official press release please click here.